Australian Aboriginal meets American Indian    

"Australian Aboriginal meets American Indian"  '11    

Embellished Quilt   spacer 20.5" x 15"

"Australian Aboriginal meets American Indian"
Thom Atkins

This piece started as a demonstration piece for Beaded Bezels around mirrors. I chose a fabric I have been using in kits for my Beads I class because I liked the fabric and wanted to work with it more extensively. I used a lot of #15 seed beads and the lazy stitch, a stitch that I rarely use, to fill in a great deal of the design. If you look closely you will see the contrast of areas where the space is filled with short parallel lines, lazy stitch, as apposed to long bands of two or three parallel lines done with couching. The fabric is an Australian print and I enjoyed covering some of the dots with solid areas of beading and leaving some bare altogether. One has to look closely to see which is which. The name comes from the coloration of the bead pallet which, to me, looked very much like American Indian bead work.


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