June:  Laurels Mermaid

"June:  Planting the Fields" '07          

Bead Embellished Quilt                    9" x 13"

"June: Planting the Fields"
Thom Atkins

This piece replaces the original June project piece which was done for a class demonstration and was never really a Bead Journal piece. Planting the Fields started as a photograph I took of a newly planted field near Moss Landing, Ca. After working over the photo in Photoshop®, I printed it and put together the face of the piece.

The idea was to use the image as background for an old glove holding a young plant. I beaded the background first, then attached the glove (after first washing it and then adding some of the dirt color back in with Magic Marker). I had to use a Glovers? needle to sew through the leather. I then put the trunk of the tree onto the glove and created the root-ball with netting and beads. The theme of new growth from an old base/ground level was the inspiration.