March: Guardians of the Portal

"March: Guardians of the Portal" '08          

Bead Embellished Quilt                    9" x 13"

"March: Guardians
of the Portal
Thom Atkins

For this piece, I wanted a path into the light, for I was searching for the same during this time. Again, I turned to Photo-shop and created the path, (would that it was that easy in real life). Scanning a favorite pebble fabric into Photo-shop, I enlarged some parts and shrank others, transferring them to the background print using the eraser tool to soften edges and blend join lines. After painting in the sky, I printed the image on pre-pared fabric and sewed on the batik fabric for the portal. The guardian figures on the left and right, male and female, became more important to me than the path itself, making the piece about the portal rather than the path/journey. Must one indeed create the portal to find the path and begin the journey?