November: Can of Worms

"November: Can of Worms" '07          

Bead Embellished Quilt                    9" x 13"

"November: Can of Worms"
Thom Atkins

I really did open a can of worms in November so I thought, “Why not do a piece about it”. Being a literal sort of person, I created the WORMS label in Photo-shop and pasted it on a can of olives. Photographed that and ran the result thru Photo-shop, removing the olives from the basket and putting in worms. I printed it, cut it out and assembled the face of the piece using black net to hold the pieces in place until I basted. Beading the crawling, wiggling worms was the most fun part.

My thought was, worms aren’t bad things. Some consider them food and they do good things for the soil .