Center Squared

             "Centered Squared"  '10      

               Embellished Quilt   spacer 52" x 52"

"Centered Squared"
Thom Atkins

Based on a post card created by James Williams, I took the original 4? x 6? image and photo-shopped it into a larger square, extrapolating information in the original file for the extra areas. I then added the white frame (in my mind) and created more triangles for the corners to make the figure floating in an eight pointed lattice work star. Real Images enlarged my file and printed the image on cotton. I cut that up and with Leigh Hayes-Martin?s help, pieced the face. I wanted the figure to remain un-quilted, but had the main lines around the figure, the flower and the lattice machine quilted since I was working with a Hobs Wool batting and a very large, for me, quilt area to bead.

I wanted to use a basic quilting stitch with beads on each stitch, so the panels around the star were a plain, though heavily textured, fabric over which I used a fan stitch design for quilting.

The most challenging thing about this piece, for me, was keeping it square and bi-laterally symmetric, two things with which I have difficulty. I really couldn?t just ?trim the edges to square things up? as I usually do so I had to bead the piece in a consistently even density. I was a little surprised when it did come out square with the edges relatively straight.


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