"Okurimono"  '11      

Embellished Quilt   spacer 23.5" x 30.5"

Thom Atkins

Coral was the first finished piece I did after taking a workshop with Susan Else in doing freeform reverse appliqué. I was surprised as I worked with the two colors of mustard/gold and the seaweedy green/white batik, to find out how similar in value they were. The brown coral ?gifts?, (some scraps left over from a previous piece), were an afterthought to bring in more contrast.

The little ?jellies? are ostrich shell disks with large holes that I had been looking for someplace to use and were sewn on after I thoroughly machine quilted the piece. I used transparent mono-filament where I didn?t want thread to show and decorative polyester thread in the top stitching. Note how the design flows over into the outside border in places, stopping only at the binding.


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