Australian Aboriginal meets American Indian

             "DEATH TOUCHES US ALL" '11                  
               Embellished Quilt   spacer 27" x 34"

Thom Atkins

Death in our Community has a bad reputation. My thought with this quilt was to give Death a more pleasant and welcoming aspect than ?the Grim Reaper?, hence the golden robes encrusted with jewels and the faces of happy soles. The people he is gathering in his welcoming arms are styled on Susan Else?s three dimensional figures and the whole idea was borrowed loosely from a Klimt painting since the fabrics I used were based on Klimt?s style. The oval mirrors I put in so that the viewers could catch glimpses of themselves and maybe realize that we all die. Death, after all, is inevitable, yet another aspect of life. The little fellow hanging on to Death?s robes hasn?t quite gotten there yet. This was my first real adventure into dimensional quilts and coming from a sculptural background I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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