June:  Laurels Mermaid

"Laurels Mermaid" '07          

Bead Embellished Quilt              9" x 13"

"Laurels Mermaid"
Thom Atkins

This piece, the first of the Bead Journal Project pieces, was one I was working on for a demo piece for a bezel and border class I was to teach in June. I thought, ?I?ll just use this piece for June.? So I did and unknowingly established the format for the eleven pieces to follow. The base is a Laurel Birch fabric, with a companion fabric for the border. I didn?t particularly like the green border, and spent a great deal of time and effort covering it up, and in the process, demonstrating bezels and several stitches to be taught in class.

Much later I became aware that the BJP was about journaling. Oh! Right! I can do that, and have done so with some of the following pieces. The others have to do with what the month was about for me.