"MY FATHER?S SHADOW"                                                 '07                            

        Beaded art quilt                                              44.5" x 36.5"

"My Father's Shadow "
Thom Atkins

This piece started with some photos of a late fall landscape in Wisconsin and a phrase from a book I was reading about ?growing up always aware of my father?s shadow?.

Having grown up in Minnesota, I have a fondness for the muted grays, browns and lavenders of the fall woods. Finding a piece of silk for the sky proved to be a challenge. I wanted that crisp, pale blue of a late fall sky and finally settled for a piece of slipper satin which proved to be more than a little difficult to bead on and there was a lot of beading to be done on it.

The shadow is two layers of fine tulle sewn down over beads to which I added a few more beads around the edge.