At Risk

"Nothing Is Forever " '05          

Bead Embellished Quilt                    38" x 59"

Thom Atkins

A friend, Lois Robin, had been to Cambodia and returned with some wonderful pictures of temples. One, of stone heads taken at Ankor Thom, spoke to me. I took her 4? x 6? print and ran it thru photo-shop and, after tinkering with it and adding to it, enlarged it to 18? x 24? and took it to Image Sharp and had it printed on cloth.

I took the resulting heads and placed them on a large piece of batting and a backing and built a jungle around them. Finding jungle greens in the right scale and color was difficult so I bought silk leaves and re-cut and re-colored them (with Prisma-Color pens). There are approximately 8lbs. of beads on the piece including the snails, butterflies, beetles, flowers, and one cloisonné bird.