"Okurimono" '11      
               Embellished Quiltspacer 14.5" x 20"

Thom Atkins

Okurimono is a Japanese word meaning gifts and that?s what this piece is all about. The base, a Japanese fabric block print with the two gold fish against the beige cell work was the first gift, from Francis Cunningham. The next gift, from Susan Else, was the idea that the pieces you cut out when doing reverse appliqué were gifts to be used elsewhere. The beads that make the waving fronds of seaweed were a gift from Meri Vahl, and the wire ribbon used was from a shop in Seattle that my sister Robin introduced me to. It was also a gift to myself in that I took time out of a hectic schedule to do the piece ?just because.? I wanted to see what it would look like done. The fish had been sitting around for long enough, tantalizing me and it was time to bead them.


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