"SMOKE AND MIRRORS"                             '05                            

        Two panel beaded art quilt                      50 " x 53"

Thom Atkins

This piece started when a 1.5 yd remnant of Lonnie Rossi fabric called out to me. I bought it even though it was not my usual kind of thing. It sat in my studio for several months before I figured out what to do with it. I found the Gingko Leaf fabric and only later discovered it was designed by the same artist. The mirrors with beaded bezels were designed in mainly because I needed another example to use in a class on bezels and borders.

The panels are basically made from one piece with borders and appliqué overlaid. Judges in shows have commented that the leaves are not secure, but that is what I had in mind. The gingko leaves are coming unstuck from the material and drifting as leaves do. Some of the red silk ribbons that seem to weave through the piece are also ephemeral in appearance and are coming unraveled into beaded fringe.