Tenuous Membrane

     "Tenuous Membrane " '10      

       Embellished Quilt   spacer 25.5" x 43"

"Tenuous Membrane"
Thom Atkins

This piece began with a desire to build a home for some slab cut Chinese turquoise beads, to further explore reverse appliqué and find a meeting place for a strip of Kaffe Faccett fabric and a piece of batik that would show off the Chinese turquoise. The mustard colored fabric was the boundary between the two fabrics and the challenge was to integrate them using other colors of fabric.

This was also another try at using the Australian Aboriginal dots of color technique to change color values in areas and to use the lines of colored beads to further integrate the two sides of the composition. I used almost every bit of the Kaffe Faccett fabric I cut out of the left side to bring those colors and textures into the larger area on the right. And yes, those green stone slabs are really beads with holes going through the slab. The head of the snake is a cabochon with a beaded bezel as are the snake?s eyes.


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