Blue Miranda Butterfly

"The Blue Miranda"                                                      '06                  

Glass beads and flatback crystals on silk               21.5" x 21.5"

"The Blue Miranda"
Thom Atkins

The Blue Miranda refers to the kind of butterfly that is in scale with the poppies and might be found where these poppies grow. The poppies were hand painted with French dyes on silk, petal by petal, by Vickie Day. I machine appliquéd them down, then beaded them with glass beads and Swarovski Flatback Crystals. The butterfly wings were beaded on ultra-sued, then mounted so they flutter above the surface of the quilt.

I designed this piece to go into the ?Small Treasures? competition of the International Quilt Show in Chicago, Spring of ?06. It was accepted into that show and was part of the fall ?06 Houston show as well.

*Note: A full size Glicee is available as of January '07of this quilt. Each will be a signed print on heavy water-color paper or canvas. See Contact Info page for pricel