"Reflections"                                         '06                

Glass beads on cotton, an Embellished Quilt         17.5" x 21.5"

Thom Atkins

This piece was done as an illustration of a color pallet for a new book by Margie Deeb. The color pallet was drawn from a painting by Kandinski and when I saw it I thought ?fall landscape?.

I used netting to soften and texture the sky and some gauze to add a metallic sheen to the water. I also used permanent Magic Markers to shade and color in shadows. Beading the water reflections was the most fun and the most challenging part. I had made up the whole landscape, and wanted it fairly realistic, so I looked at a lot of pictures of water and reflections and just made it up as I went along.

The leaves, which I bought for their color and size, have holes crosswise thru the top and are iridized on one side. I had to sew them on very carefully to keep the correct side face up and the piece still needs a lot of grooming every time it gets moved and re-hung.

*Note: A full size Glicee is available of this quilt. Each will be a signed print, Editons of 50. See Contact Info page for pricel