When Pigs Fly

"When Pigs Fly"                                            '06            

Embellished Quilt                                           22" x 27" x 20"

"When Pigs Fly"
Thom Atkins

When asked to teach a class on three dimensional pieces, this is what I came up with as a kit. I hadn?t been doing much with the third dimension so I did ?Ladybugs? first. I then created the ?White Flower Sampler? as a kit. I was hoping to teach people about what beads do to the surface of the fabric and when to sew them on through to the back, and when to just sew them through to the batting. I also wanted to get them thinking about shapes to use to create separate units which sit on the surface of the quilt. I don?t know whether any of my students has taken it beyond the sweet little flower of the kit to bigger and grander things, but I can hope they have or will.

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