"Serenity"  '11      

Embellished Quilt   spacer 21.5" x 66"

Thom Atkins

Inspired by a quilt Joe Cunningham was working on at Empty Spools, the idea for Serenity was a manifestation of my admiration for the Japanese style rock and raked sand gardens, and a desire to quilt large areas of fabric with the seed stitch in traditional hand stitched quilt patterns. Starting with raw silk and a stone like print from the Stonehenge series, and using a traditional Japanese Kakemono format, I created the base for my scroll. I then cut the best bits of another of the Stonehenge fabric into rock shapes and whittled them down to fit on the scroll and work with each other. I used an extended wooden yardstick to get the perspective and drew in the chalk lines of raked sand to be beaded later.

I used a combination of couching and lazy stitch to create the lichen, as well as several subtle shadings and sizes of seed beads. The moss was the most fun, being primarily short stacks of many sizes and colors of green, creating a dense mass of beads for texture.


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