Fire and Ice

"Fire and Ice "  '08

Embellished Quilt   spacer 18" x 52 "

"Fire and Ice"
Thom Atkins

The dimensions of this piece were the challenge, 18" by 52", set by our textile group, CCTA. It also needed a "word" in it somewhere. I started with a piece of batik which looked like “fire” to me a cut away anything that didn’t look like flames. After appliquéing it onto a piece of blue batik, I got half way through beading the flames and realized there was no where I could put a "word" that would make sense within the design parameters. Hence the Ying/Yang symbol in the center of the piece signifying balance of opposites, for which I caught a bunch of flack from my group, since the "word" had been my idea in the first place.


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